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Drugs Essay Examples

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External and Internal Environment

Walgreens in one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. Walgreens has always maintained a simple strategy. Although the strategy changed over the years to mention newer innovations, the basic principles of the strategy have remained similar. It has become more than just your ordinary pharmacy it invest heavily in high tech store…

Herbal Supplements

One of the most heavily debated topics in pharmaceuticals is the regulation of prescription drugs versus over the counter herbal supplements. The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, studies prescription drugs for years before releasing and allowing them to be prescribed to the public. Up until 2010, the FDA was able to regulate herbal supplements…

Prescription Drug Abuse

Millions of people throughout the world are taking drugs on a daily basis. If you were to ask someone why they take prescription drugs, most people would be taking them for the right reason. However, it’s estimated that twenty percent of people in the United States alone have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.1 Prescription…



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Advocacy and Public Policy Making

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to discuss Medicare Part D, as well as the influence of the various interest groups and governmental entities during this process. This essay will discuss both the policy process and the policy environment (the key players involved and other circumstances that shaped this policy-making effort), how stakeholder groups…

Billie Holiday & Misuse of Drugs

Billie Holiday was born Eleanora Fagan, on April 7, 1915 to a thirteen year old mother and a fifteen year old jazz guitarist, father. After a difficult early childhood, which included scrubbing floors at a brothel and singing in night clubs to make ends meet she was ‘discovered’ by the record producer John Hammond in…

Toward a Policy on Drugs

Drugs are everywhere, accessible basically to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Is our current war against drugs effective? It doesn’t seem to be. Legalizing drugs, would it eliminate the crime and other problems created by drugs, probably not. As stated by Dr. Elliot Currie, in his essay, “Toward a Policy on Drugs”, we need to shift from…

Cause and Effect: Smoking Weed

We’ve all listen to our parents tell us what happens to people who do drugs. Their brain melts, their teeth rot, and the live in a dumpster eating thrown out pizza crust. Obviously none of that sounds like the American dream to most people. With all this campaigning against drugs, an alarming 17% of 10th…

Social Drugs of America

American society underwent an illogical science of urgency off late which conjures up the memories of the lost history relevant to the drugs of America. Marijuana can also be touted as the most significant course to unearth revolutions and debates for such medical abuses evolved in the country. The revolution led to many sophisticated transitions…

Effects of Drugs

The impact of drugs on the central nervous system is very interesting. Choosing a medical field that uses different pain medications is very common. In this paper you will learn how certain medications will affect the central nervous system. The Effects of Selected Drugs and Diseases on the Central Nervous System The Central Nervous System…

Agains Drugs in Sport

Drugs in sport is an issue that is always in the spotlight, especially during major athletic events such as the recent and highly controversial, Tour De France. However, now the issue has risen to such an extent that sport itself is almost a side issue. There have been numerous drug busts over the years as…

Drugs and Aging

Over the years, the medical world has conducted various studies and researches about the effects of drug abuse on health. Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, opium, morphine, and heroine are just some of the most commonly abused drugs that could also cause serious health problems such as heart attacks, brain damage, cancer, liver disease, impotence,…

War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis: New Jersey

The war on drugs was initiated throughout America by federal, state and local agencies between 1984 and 1989. In comparison to the rest of the countries, some states were not hosts of the battlegrounds in this war. States in the East Coast of America such as New Jersey and New York have often been affected…

Family Guide to Prescription Drugs

The five rights (5 Rs) need to be followed when administering any medications: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time and the right route. Venipuncture procedure for the purpose of establishing peripheral venous access and for obtaining blood sample for laboratory tests follow the standards of practice framework. It is mandatory that health care…

The Philosophy on the Legalization of Drugs

There are many controversial topics being debated about in the United States. One topic most often debated about is the legalization of drugs. Of course people have their own beliefs and opinions on the subject, but are the arguments discussed about actually valid? Is there enough evidence supporting the premises they claim? These are questions…

The Fate Of Drugs And Drug Development

The most appropriate dosage form for administering drugs to pediatric patients is the low-dose liquid format, computed through the patient’s kilogram body weight.  Pediatric patients are generally small in body size and thus a very low dose is sufficient in attaining the desired clinical outcome.  For adults, the maximum dose in tablet or capsule form…

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Social issues are always topical since they define the level of the mankind development. However, they may reveal the main reason of one country’s downtime. When it comes to drugs, people perceive them as the most negative contemporary trend. It must be noted that it is better to speak about social issues in a multi-perspective way. It is connected with the existence of a variety of spheres of applying drugs. Therefore, a person with analytical skills has to resort to deeper analysis of such a controversial issue.

Choosing an appropriate topic on drugs essays is not an effortless process; a number of ideas have to be arisen in order to find the core element which will be newsworthy for the hierarchically built society. There are some recommendations on how to choose an adequate topic which will satisfy a critical reader.

Five Useful Tips on Writing an Essay about Drugs

Less and less people choose to read long stories since modern life is the one of fast-runners. If you are the kind of a writer who wants to satisfy a contemporary reader, resort to the following five useful tips on writing about drugs.

    1. Choose your target audience (medical, social, political bodies).
    2. Pick the general topic and pull the most controversial element.
    3. Be ready with supporting sentences, do not advice without having something to prove it.
    4. Be careful with humor, politics, and religion; furthermore, avoid using sexist remarks.
    5. Perceive the topic as a phenomenon; do not concentrate on the only sphere since drugs embraces a number of areas.

The most important thing is not convincing a person that the point of view highlighted in the essay is the only one to be correct. The first and foremost task of a writer is making a man think on the outcome of taking or using drugs. Since only the thinking man can be the right one.

Five Best Topics on Drugs

Let us have a look on the most urgent topics to speak about drugs. It is worth noting that they have links to different social spheres.

    1. Freedom as a Drugs Choice.
    2. Parents and Children Conflicts as the Way of Rebellion.
    3. Dramatically Built Role Models on the Early Stages of Upbringing.
    4. Drugs as the Way of Leisure Activity among Peers.
    5. Available Ordinary Drugs Medications.


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