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LGBT Essay Examples

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Fighting Against Violence in the LGBT Community

Fighting Against Violence in the LGBT Community Introduction             Violence against the LGBT community is a horrific and inhuman reality. Violence targeted at this community because of their sexuality could be physical or psychological. With times changing and an acknowledgement of LGBT rights growing there has been a reduction in the cases of violence. However,…

Epidemiology Paper

“Epidemiology today is considered to be the core science of public health and is described as a constellation of disciplines with a common mission: optimal health for the whole community” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Epidemiology continues to play a large role in public health to improve on disease prevention and health promotion in communities across…

Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet

Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? I don’t feel there are positive aspects of stereotypes. Even in the rare cases of a “good” stereotype like “blondes are more fun”, to label someone…



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These Strange Happenings

Steadily the rain had started to fall down from the dark sky. The countless number of stars spread above the buildings, stars that could not be touched by human hands from the earth, shining down on us as though they were angels watching us. The sun was long gone and the houses were barely lit,…

Sociological Analysis: Geyluv

Hardships of Being a Gay From the stories that I’ve read namely “Urbana at Feliza: Two Letters,” “Wedding Dance,” and “Geyluv,” the story that caught my attention the most was the third one. It made me open my eyes that up to this moment, homosexual relationships are still not fully understood and accepted by people….

Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

I was an obscure individual in those days. My name was hardly known outside my own province, but I was quite content with that obscurity, which protected me from the curiosity of crowds. And then came a time when my heart felt a longing to come out of that solitude and do some work for…

Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality

Historical and scientific perspectives have molded homosexuality, and the way homosexuals are viewed by themselves and others. In past western society ancient Greece, homosexual teachings were performed by the Greek society, and were thought of as a societal norm Younger males were normally seen in a homosexual relationship with an older male, these types of…

Homosexuality as a Deviance: Discrimination In Society

Deviance is a behavior that does not conform to social norms, therefore is socially created. Since most people in the United States believe that homosexuality is wrong, society has created homosexuality to be a deviance. Since deviance is relative and not absolute to a society, homosexuality is not a universal form of sexual deviance. There…

The Hidden Minority

Upon hearing multicultural counseling, culturally diverse counseling, or counseling of diverse populations most people may think of groups that differ from the dominant culture in our society, such as, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. Many people do not think beyond these categories to consider a second tier of diversity, for instance, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc….

Gay Rights Essay

Aubri Lutz La/Lit Per. 4 Miss Gibbs 10/22/01 Should Homosexual Clubs Be Allowed On College Campus? Do you plan on attending college? College offers a plethora of opportunities to those who choose to attend. There is horseback riding club, chess club and even Pokemon club these days. However, if a person hopes to join a…

Annotated Bibliography

Juleen K. Buser, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development 37.2 (April 2009): 94-104 This article is a great article that relates to African Americans seeking mental health treatment at lower rates than whites. The article states that this disparity can be attributed to attitudes toward services, alternate coping, and differences in care. This article also…

Hate Crimes and the Homosexual Community

Abstract In this paper I am talking about Hate crimes against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. I show that though Hate crimes are classified as crimes that are evoked by sexual orientation, race, identity, gender, or religion. Hate crimes are more common amongst the gay and transgender men. I show states with…

Gay Community

The gay community or LGBT community is a loosely defined grouping of LGBT and LGBT supportive people, organizations and subcultures united by common culture and civil rights movements. Furthermore, the remarkable growth of the gay community in recent history has revolutionized our culture and consciousness, creating radically new possibilities for people to “come out”, and…

Bullying and Harassment Among the Lgbtq Youth

Adolescence is a difficult stage in life because it is a time for many when social status is seen as very important and self-esteem can be fragile. One’s social status can directly affect one’s self esteem and overall happiness. Unfortunately, many of those who possess a higher social status in middle and high school use…

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LGBT topics comprise a category of issues, which deal with the sexual minorities, the discussion of their status in the society, their problems and issues connected to their rights. The whole world is on the way of accepting the members of LGBT social community. LGBT discussion topics are widely used in all spheres of human activity, particularly in the area of education. That is why professors of colleges and universities give students a task to deliver academic papers on LGBT issues.

The list of topics comprises a wide variety of these formulations, including human sexuality, sexual identity, transgender issues, sexuality, sexual orientation the status of the community in the society, etc. These topics enable a writer to express one’s thought concerning this question and serve as an indicator showing the level of writing and critical thinking abilities of an author.

Members of colleges and universities regularly deal with the delivery of papers on LGBT research topics as well as LGBT essay topics. The preparation process is time-consuming and demands serious approach. The task of a student is to conduct research and gather the material to create an essay or a research paper. The next step is to familiarize oneself with the peculiarities of a paper genre, with which he is dealing. Dealing with the LGBT argumentative essay topics demands much more efforts, as a writer has to gather enough arguments to support one’s position stated in the thesis. The last step of the preparatory process is organizing the paper correctly and its polishing it to eliminate the mistakes.

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