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Philosophy Essay Examples

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Eastern Philosophy

Compare and contrast the Hindu doctrine of Atman-Brahman with the Buddhist notion of non-atman. What was the Buddha reacting against? Is Buddhism to be considered a religion or a philosophy? Hindus strongly believe that in an uncreated, eternal, infinite, transcendent, and all-embracing principle, which, “comprising in itself being and non-being,” is the sole reality, the…

A Description of an Ethical Dilemma

An Ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another. This is also called an ethical paradox since in moral philosophy, paradox often plays a central role in ethics debates. Ethical dilemmas are often cited in an attempt…

Philosophy – Free Will vs Determinism

The dialogue between philosophers over the existence of free will versus the inevitability of determinism is a debate that will always exist. The discussion centers around the true freedom of humans to think and act according to their own judgment versus the concept that humans are intrinsically bound by the physical laws of the universe….



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What Is a Life Worth Living?

In the number of works that Plato crafted and put together chronicling his teacher’s life, views and opinions, one of the most famous and predominant statements made by Socrates is that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Appearing in Plato’s The Apology, the quote essentially summarizes how Socrates had walked out his entire life…

Voltaires Impact from the Enlightenment to Today’s Time

Like so many of his peers, including a number of the founding fathers of the United States, Voltaire was a deist who believed that God had created everything but then let it evolve on its own. Although educated by the Jesuits, Voltaire hated the Catholic Church. He is famously quoted to have said “Ecrasez l’infame”…

Philosophy – Is Memory Reliable

How would I prove that my memory or reasoning processes are reliable? There really is no good way to answer this question. My first thought was, well that should be easy, because I can prove my memory is reliable by the fact that I remember where class is every day that I show up. If…

State of Nature: Hobbes and Locke

John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, more Locke than Hobbes however, have been enormous influential political philosophers for the modern political thought and development of England and the Americas. The topic and phrase “state of nature” is used and discussed significantly throughout. The similarities are shown extensively, but there are many differing views of opinion as…

The Shocking Alternative

For most part, the heaviest question asked throughout this chapter is why evil exists, and why God allowed it to exist. A human being who is probably sick and tired of all the evil and suffering in the world would say that if only evil can just stop existing – if only suffering would stop….

Philosophy of Raja Yoga

For many in the West, yoga is simply just a part of your workout plan, a means of strengthening the body, curing body ailments, and improving flexibility. As we review the philosophy of yoga we’ll find that it is “much more than a system of physical exercise for health, Yoga is . . . an…

Intellectual Heritage

Intellectual Heritage is one aspect in my life that I really value most. For one, this helped me in understanding things I wasn’t aware before. It also helped me in dealing with things I haven’t been conscious of like how diverse the philosophy of different people known world-wide are. I can say that this particular…

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education is sometimes referred to as the immediate objectives of education. Immediate objectives on the other hand are purposes which a subject at a given time must aim to achieve through the courses of study or the curriculum. Its aims constitute a very important aspect of the total education. They are more specific…

Position Paper (Education) on Philosophy

The word education is defined as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life, it is also an art of teaching; pedagogics. Education signify the activity, process, or enterprise of educating or being educated and…

Ethics & Philosophy

Free markets can be said to be the markets which have no government interference or regulation. The only regulations present are the ones which involve protecting property rights and maintaining the legal system. Free markets are markets in which the product prices are solely set through market forces, as opposed to interference by external forces….

Philosophy and Engineering

Study is not only learning the facts but rather it is a practice the mind to think. This is my values in concerning Engineering course in my life not only do utilize the scientific knowledge to build something, but you also utilize philosophical wisdom in figuring out what to build, so that it will be…

Just Business Report

Reading the book “Just Business” by Alexander Hill, it was very interesting to go through the topic of Christian ethics for business. Looking at different scenarios that managers have to confront and it shows how nerve-wracking, heart wrenching and also guilt producing that it could be. The definition of ethics is the study of “should”…

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