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The Coffee Shop Project Essay

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Introduction –

A coffee shop has always been more than a place to have a beverage. It is a place to socialize, ideate, have fun and meet new people. As Starbucks puts it, it’s the third place, a home away from home or office. Also, due to the competitive and busy lifestyles that people lead today, a coffee house near their work or home has become a major point of relaxation. This report details out a project plan for opening up a coffee shop, bringing together the various things that must be considered and activities that should be performed to successfully open the coffee shop. Various elements of the project such as project scope, work breakdown structure, resource management plan, and communication plan and risk management are addressed, thus ensuring that the project is effectively thought out and planned in a structured and very detailed manner.

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Scope statement – The scope statement of the project is discussed in this section, essentially all the activities that are required to make the project a success Project objective – To start a niche and specialty themed coffee shop within three months at a cost not to exceed $100,000

Deliverables –

a. A coffee shop with a seating capacity of 30 people and with an area of 1000sft b. All electrical and air-conditioning work completed. This includes having power backup of 60 minutes. c. Equipment includes coffee makers, fridge, freezer, mixers, jukebox d. Furniture includes chairs and tables for 30 people, a counter with a cabinet and shelves to store inventory e. Glow Signboard measuring 2ft x 6ft outside the shop

f. Menu card, menu board, posters for the coffee shop


a. Lease agreement signed and deposit paid for property – October 1st b. Inspection of electrical wiring and air conditioning completed – October 15th c. Equipment purchased and tested – November 15th

d. Interior and exterior painting completed – November 15th e. Furniture, Shelves and Counter/Cabinets installed – December 10th f. Sign board installed and tested – December 24th
g. Menu card, menu board, posters finalized and sent for printing – November 30th h. Final inspection one week before opening – December 24th Technical requirements
a. The coffee shop must meet the local regulations for commercial establishments, fire safety regulations b. All electrical equipment and air conditioning used should pass LEED 25 certification c. Cables used for wiring should have a thickness of greater than 25cm d. Painting used should be of premier quality, as certified by its rating e. Large size freezer with a capacity of more than 300 liters f. Shelves should have a capacity of being able to store more than 50 large boxes g. Glow sign should be made out of high quality plastic,, with a thickness of more than 0.5 inches Limits and exclusions

a. Work would be carried out as per blueprint provided by the customer b. Work timings at site limited from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM
c. Buying inventory such as coffee, sugar and disposables are not in scope d. Contractor reserves the right to subcontract work, but would be responsible for the work to be delivered e. Customer is responsible for providing the designs and artwork for the menu and posters f. Marketing and advertising are not part of the project and would be done separately g. Budget does not include deposits, rents and employee salaries and other costs which would be part of coffee shop operations Reviews with customer

a. Food industry consultant
b. Coffee shop owner

Work breakdown structure – The work breakdown structure for the coffee shop project, which is a breakdown of the different phases of the project into constituent activities and tasks at a granular level is shown in the below image. As can be seen the project is broken down into 6 major phases and sub tasks, which would be done in parallel to successfully achieve project goals.

Gantt chart Entry Table

Network diagram – Given that the project is on a very tight schedule of being completed within a very aggressive schedule, it is very critical that we are able to effectively identify the activities that are on the critical path and manage them well so that they are not delayed and can be completed within time. The network diagrams of the project with the activities on the critical path are shown below; the activities that are in red are the activities that are on the critical path. The network diagram for the coffee shop project is shown below that gives a different view of the project activities and schedule that can be used to see what are the tasks that are happening in parallel, the amount of float that is available should it be necessary in case there are delays.

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